Slimming Outfits – 5 Secrets for Plus-Size Teens

Plus-size teens want to look as stylish and attractive as their slender peers… and they can! If they just dress in clothes that are right for their body types. Before we hop on to the secrets, we want to give you the most important advice of them all: always love your body.

Secret #1- Ditch the Baggy Clothes

Wearing baggy clothing is a fashion style that comes and goes. The problem with anyone wearing baggy clothes is that they look sloppy. They can make a teen look like they’re wearing their brother’s or sister’s hand-me-downs. Maybe this is the look you want, but it won’t flatter your plus-size figure. Instead of wearing clothes that are too big for you, keep to your own size. Choose outfits that fit you correctly and they’ll help make you look slimmer.

Secret #2- Avoid Wearing Skin-Tight Fashions

You may be tempted to wear clothing that’s a size smaller than what you wear. Don’t do it! Another slimming fashion secret is to leave clothes that are too tight for your body in your closet. Skin-tight fashions show every bulge you have. They’ll make your bosom stand out, but they’ll also reveal wide hips, fleshy legs and a less-than-flat tummy.

Secret #3- Choose Fashion Colors Wisely

It’s no secret that black is a very slimming color when it comes to fashion. Black can make your legs look slimmer, your waist look thinner and your whole body very fashionable and attractive. But you don’t want to dress totally in black and look like you’re in mourning all the time.

White, on the other hand, has its place in every wardrobe. White goes with every other color, and it can be fashionable when it’s worn in every season of the year. The only problem with white slacks, jeans and skirts is that they can make hips, legs and buttocks look wider and larger than they actually are. So, a good fashion secret for a more slimming look is to only wear white on top.

Don’t be afraid to wear fashions that show off bright, happy colors. Being a plus-sized teen doesn’t mean you can’t wear lime greens, sunshine yellows, dazzling reds, sky blues and luscious lavenders.

Secret #4- Vertical Stripes Are Slimming

It’s a known fact that wearing vertical stripes is an age-old fashion secret. No matter if they’re thin or wide, striped tops, slacks, jeans, coats, jackets, blazers and sweaters make you look thinner. Horizontal stripes do the exact opposite. Why? Because our eyes tend to follow the stripes. If we see up and down stripes, then we’re going to look from head to toe. When we see horizontal stripes, we look at a person from side-to-side, which is not always the most flattering for a plus-size teen.

Secret #5- Choose Slimming Clothing Patterns

Just like you can wear most any color of the rainbow, you can also wear fashions that have designs and patterns on them too. But the secret is, to choose only the slimming ones. Which ones are they? Large designs and patterns on clothing tend to make the wearer look larger. But small designs and patterns give the opposite visual effect- they can actually make you look smaller and slimmer.