Lipstick for All Seasons

Is it Really Necessary to Switch a Lipstick Every Season?

Why is it that when cosmetic companies bring out new colours the women of the world rush to the counters and ask “what are the new colours for the season?” They get responses like “Well this time of year reds are really hot or sheer pinks are all the rage.” But why must a woman who looks great in corals feel the need to switch because “they” say so. Women need to understand, as in fashion, not all makeup trends work on all people. Just like many women cannot wear skinny jeans, not all ladies can pull off red lips for every day.

It is important to understand what works. If it is imperative to have a change, try a variation of something that already looks good. That is not to say that trying something new is not good or even appropriate sometimes, however, if it doesn’t look good, forget about it.

The next question is how one knows if it looks good. Obviously everyone working at a counter or boutique is trying to make a sale and in this economy even a lipstick is important for the stores bottom line. Bring a friend who is trustworthy and knows a little something about what works and what does not. Consumers are too often shy about asking the sales people to spend a little time with them until they feel completely satisfied. Try before you buy is probably the most important thing. Ask the salesperson to sanitize the tester and try it on, it looks different in the tube or on your hand.

Important tips for lipstick wearers:

For Thin Lips

  • Try not to wear such a dark color. The darker the color the smaller your lips will look.
  • Use a liner and just slightly overdraw, making sure not to go too far.
  • Put lipgloss in the pout to reflect the light and create a larger looking lip.

For Fine Lines or Wrinkles Around Lips

  • Try using great skincare to plump up the lips.
  • Use a lipstick base on and around the lip contour to keep lipstick from bleeding.
  • To prevent feathering use a lipliner or lip pencil. The pencil is far waxier than lipstick and will help it stay put.

Lipliner, Good or Bad?

  • If you wear a bold color like red or fuchsia make sure to use a liner to sharpen the lips. Try using liner after you put on your base and lipstick. If the lips are not perfect with such a bold color, it looks bad.
  • If you are wearing a sheer or neutral color you can skip the liner, if so desired.