Five Beauty Tips for Clubbers

Clubbers know that keeping your make-up on and fresh looking is one of the hardest things to do when you are out there dancing and sweating the night away. Instead of staying put, make-up likes to go on a trip around the ecstatic clubber’s face before slipping off into obscurity. How many times have you been terrified by the faces around you when the club lights come on at the end of the night? Too many, I’ll bet. This article is going to offer some tips on keeping your make-up, and face, in perfect, glowing condition.

Accentuate the Eyes

Before applying any of your regular make-up, apply some whitish-green cover-up underneath, to the side and around your eyes. This will create light in places you want to highlight. Adding light around your eyes makes them stand out from the rest of your face. You can also add the cover-up to other spots on your face you wish to highlight, like above and below your eyebrows, on and around your lips, and on your cheekbones. After the cover-up sets, blend in your normal foundation for skin that looks clean, healthy and glowing. To finish accentuating your eyes, make sure you use eyeliner and mascara to add a dramatic flair.

Accentuate the Lips

For full, sexy lips, apply any rich, dark color to the outer edges of your lips. Focus on outlining and shaping your lips with this rich, dark color. Now, apply a thick, opaque, whitish-pink gloss to the center portion of your lips. Spread outward from the center towards the lip edges and stop just before completely obscuring the darker color you applied first. To refresh throughout the evening, just apply the gloss, as the darker lip color should remain.

Set Your Makeup

Once you are finished with your make-up, it’s time to set it so it stays fresh and in place. Strangely enough, the best product for this is hairspray. Choose a brand with healthy ingredients. Close your eyes, relax your face and, holding the can about 6 inches from your face, spray a light coating over your entire face. Keep your mouth and eyes closed until hairspray sets, which should be just a few seconds. You can also use a hairdryer to help the hairspray dry and set. Apply another layer if you like. This will keep your make-up exactly where you put it, all night long.

Refresh and Rejuvenate

To keep your skin looking and feeling fresh all night, carry along a non-alcoholic, floral water spritz to apply throughout the evening. If your make-up and skin start to look, or feel, harsh or dry, just take a moment to spritz your face, lightly, with a rose or orange blossom water spritz. Either will refresh and rejuvenate your skin while leaving behind a nice, healthy glow. Also, if your mouth starts to feel dry or stale, try using the floral water spritz as a quick mouth rinse by taking a sip and swishing it around in your mouth. Don’t swallow. You can also spritz your tongue if you prefer. Make sure the floral water is pure floral water only. If you want to add a tingle, try putting one drop of spearmint essential oil into the mix.

Hydrate Your Skin

In order to have a fresh, beautiful face, you must remember to keep your skin hydrated at all times. To do this, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. When you are out clubbing, make sure to have at least 4 ounces of water with every cocktail or soda you drink. This will keep your skin happy and hydrated throughout the evening.

And that’s it! These five beauty tips can be used by anyone interested in a beauty boost. They’re simple and easy to do and are guaranteed to make you feel and look beautiful all day. The next time you go clubbing, you won’t have to fear the bright lights at the end of the night. Your make-up will be right where you put it before you started dancing the night away!