Amopé Pedi Perfect Review and Comparison

As electric callus removers are rather simple in terms of technology it is hard to give a “proper” in-depth analysis on which device you should choose, rather than comparing the features and making a decision based on them. Only your feet can tell whether they like the pumice stone or not. That being said, the title, Amopé Pedi Perfect Review, might be a bit misleading. We do tell you this though: when compared to other electric callus removers the ones made by Amopé are just fantastic.

Amopé is a company focusing solely on health care and beauty products concerning feet. Focusing on a such specific area has its benefits: their product research is top notch, making their products trustworthy and effective. It is certainly not your average factory making all kinds of cheap devices for everybody – they focus on the feet and you can tell it by using any of their electric callus removers for example. Even the name of the company itself gives you some idea of how serious they are – Amopé is Portuguese and means “love my feet”. Therefore curing those cracked heels and callused feet is part of their mission.

Amopé Pedi Perfect Comparison Table

Regular Coarse Head
Extra Coarse Head

(4x AA)

(4x AA)
Two Speed Setting
Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & DryAmopé Pedi PerfectAmopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse

As you can probably tell from the comparison table above, the biggest differences between these electric callus removers lay within their designated purposes. You want to remove callus while giving your feet a bath or after you have soaked them? Go for the Wet & Dry. You are looking for a regular care for your calluses? Go for the regular Pedi Perfect. You have extra rough skin that other devices can’t handle? Go for the Extra Coarse.

Amopé Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry

Amopé Pedi Perfect Inside The Box

The best features that separate Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry from similar models are being totally waterproof and having the ability to switch between two speeds: gentle (slow) and intense (high). Most of electric callus removers are in fact water resistant meaning that you can rinse them clean under running water but being totally waterproof means that you can remove callus even in the bath tub if you will. What we also liked is the fact that you don’t have to switch batteries on it as it is rechargeable. With a three hour charge you get around 20 minutes of effective using time, which is plenty for a home pedicure.

Amopé Pedi Perfect Review

Pedi Perfect Roller HeadsThe regular Amopé Pedi Perfect comes packed with state-of-the-art Crystal Diamond roller head which proved to be the best in our electric callus remover guide. The best thing about this device is the fact that you can use three different roller heads in it: the regular for most common callus problems and dead skin, Extra Coarse for particularly hard tasks and a Soft Touch head for a smooth finish.

Amopé Pedi Perfect Extra Coarse

If you are certain that your callus problem is a tough one, you might want to go straight for this version of Pedi Perfect. Otherwise it is the same as the regular Pedi Perfect, it just comes packed with the Extra Coarse roller head but they are changeable as you wish.

Our Verdict

We are convinced that the Amopé Pedi Perfects are the best electric callus removers out there. All of the three roller heads work wonders depending on your needs and the built-in quality is just outstanding, you can clearly tell the difference between Amopés and the cheaper devices.

If you are struggling to choose which would be the best fit for you, you might want to consider getting an Amopé Luxury Pedicure Gift Set which comes packed with all of the three roller heads. Or then just buy them separately, whatever suits you the best.