3 Beauty Trends to Add into Your Makeup Routine with Ease

Have you decided to do something as simple as adding lipstick to your daily routine? Are you a mom who is praying to get a shower and put on mascara before the kids get up? Applying makeup is as ritualistic and routine as brushing your teeth but do you feel like making slight changes to keep up with the trends?
When it comes to beauty it’s easy to look in a magazine or a photo of a model and think “I love those burgundy lips with deep purple eye shadow” but having the courage to wear it is something else altogether. If you’re goals or resolutions include trendy new beauty routines then it may be optimal to ease your way into the change until you get an idea of what you find appealing. Check out these three beauty trend options to add to your new makeup routine.

Smokey Shadow Colors

Purple or bronze eyeshadow is a way to keep up with the trendsetting colors but these dark and extreme colors may be a bit too strong when you first learning how to wear them. If the bronze and purple colors are too bold then use gold and lavender as alternatives. You’ll feel a little more comfortable with the softer tones and still keep up with the trends.

Sun-kissed Skin

Bronzer is intimidating for some; especially after seeing it piled on someone heavily. Lightly dust this powder with a large blush brush over the apples of your cheeks and you’ll find that it leaves a healthy glow without the worry of skin damage. Still scared of bronzer? Try a tinted facial lotion instead. It will also leave a healthy glow and offer a UV protectant depending on the brand.

Lipstick, Stains and Gloss

Next to your eyes, your lips can really add oomph to your look. If you’re used to running out of the house without some sort of lip color; now is the time to start. Blazing red lipstick takes confidence to pull off so until you’re ready to wear this bold shade on your smackers start with a lighter shade or wear a high shine gloss instead.

Lipstains are also very popular and offer lip colors in matte tones and does not look like it’s sitting on top of your lips. If you prefer a stain because of the flat color you can still add a gloss to it when you want to up the ante of your look.